80s toys - Atari. I still have
My love for making Music started in Italy.When i fell in love with a very sexy Italian Lady Paula Parvi.Never ever was she stingy to BRING THAT THING.Such a SWEET HEAT HABIT she was.Always ready to LET'S DO THIS LET'S DO THAT.Couldn't get enough of her SWEET POISON.She used to Tell me DON'T GIVE UP on your dreams.Just like my DEAREST MAMA.WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW GIRL i wrote while living in Rome when Paula said good-bye.i was always high but now NO MORE I began to check the score SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE then HEARTBEAT(FUADIBEAT)was born.
Sweet poison preview
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FUADIBEAT<Heartbeat,everybody get down to it,don't get used to your seat,let the floor and your feet meet
NO MORE<It's alright with me,if you wanna say good-bye,if you wanna call it quits,i won't ask you.cause to me, it's an old song,go ahead baby,to me you no more belong><I know because........
LET'S DO THIS LET'S DO THAT<instrumental>
WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW GIRL<You said good-bye,i didn't and you thought i'd cry but I wouldn't><Well you should know me by now girl..........
SWEET HEAT HABIT<I would never ever say good-bye,though so many times you've made me cry,cause I love you baby and there ain't nothing in this world that's gonna stop me from doing that girl><You're such a SWEET heat habit.........
DEAREST MAMA<Dearest mama,i'm so glad being your son,cause every little thing you've done for me,have been growing in my mind><There are things to do,.......
SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE<Since you've been gone,i haven't been doing all that strong,all night and day long
BRING THAT THING<Bring that thing,i've been waiting for so long,i'll ring that thing,until I hear ding dong.Bring that thing,you happen to have in between,i'll make it sing,do you get what I mean><Baby how long........
DON'T GIVE UP<Hey everybody,my name's Fuadi,I always try to do my best,life itself is a big test,it's there for you to choose,you either win or lose.Certainly.........
SWEET POISON:Don't you ever try to please her,don't you ever try to amuse her,she can change her mood around her,with a simple pirate smile
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Sweet heat habit

Vocal recording in Hendricksmix studio

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PARADISE EYES<I used to be a dreamer and a good one too,preferring to be a Loner rather than to find someone new,We all know that dreams dont come true overnight,but with what we all go,it seems so far outta sight